Election 2020… This election has been stressful. Also, I didn’t vote in the electio
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Election 2020…

This election has been stressful.

Also, I didn’t vote in the election.

No, it’s not because I didn’t want to. It’s because as an immigrant with a green card, it was not possible. That’s hard when you’ve lived somewhere for most of your life.

Growing up in Jamaica, I literally saw political violence unfold in the streets. (I wrote about a terrible experience. CLICK HERE to read it.) To be honest, even as a child, I never wanted that kind of violence to become normal to me. I was glad when I left. (Plus I was going to be with my Mommy again.) So watching the threats of violence unfold around politics in the United States is a little bit surreal to me; like watching a movie. But it’s real.

How are YOU all dealing with this drama?

For me, I’ve had to find ways to de-stress. Unstress?
Are those even words?
If not, I still think you get my point.
But I want to share what has helped me.

5 Ways to Relieve Election Stress

  • PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. I cannot say how important this is. Focusing on God takes my focus off of the stress factor of the moment. When I open the Bible or pray, I remember that God is in control. (Yes, even through all this.)
  • UNPLUG. Turn the TV off. Get off of social media. These are the main things that bring us news 24/7. And stress. Talk to your family. Play games with them. Laugh together.
  • SHOP. I know that sounds like a shameless plug. It is. Shop Quintessential HERE. Shopping makes me feel good. It also makes me feel #qute when I have a new fit.
  • GET A MASSAGE. I don’t need to explain that. But we have an herbal oil that’s perfect for a good head rub and aromatherapy goodness! Click HERE to get yours now!
  • READ I love to read. It can be a hardcover, e-book, or audiobook. Either it relaxes me or I learn something. Or both! Read something spiritual, entertaining, fun, informative – anything that invigorates you. (Plug 3. To get my book, Journey: My Life Behind the Chair, CLICK HERE.)

Work out.
(This is my secret weapon. It works wonders!)

Honestly, these are my go-to’s to combat stress during this whole election process and in life. There’s no magic to it. It’s just making decisions about where to focus my attention.

We still have to finish 2020 with a BANG!

So I hope this helps you refocus on the Quintessential Woman in you.


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Thank you!
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