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April showers bring May flowers. But these flowers are different!

The showers from April were blessings that took me on tour. I’m serious, I was literally traveling like a ROCKSTAR and missing home


My April started off in Atlanta, Georgia where I had the pleasure of being Lead Hairstylist on the set of Wild N Out. I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years only and update my resume every century. This was a huge deal, It’s not often that I have to apply for work. However, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. After I was hired and boostered up I was on another journey of being on set while we were closed for renovations.

(before pics)

New beginnings and God was in control. I quickly ran into the use of social media and marketing. God’s timing means He opens doors and Closes doors which forces us to use creativity.

Being prepared for this trip I had packed all Shop Quintessential allowing me to give you outfits of the day. #OOTD

Working on the set was a whole lot of work, but so much fun. The Glam team was energetic and professional as were the personalities that we worked with. It was also great to be able to be more expressive because these were not my Fortune 500 clients, but entertainers who are anything but regular.

 Another highlight of the trip was that we got to eat some good food. Atlanta! You know how to do the Quintessential dining experience right!

New York

Back in NY for a quick sec, I visited Lagos Restaurant for a Nigerian experience with my guy. Good vibes and tasty treats. Yes, I am a New Yorker now, but sometimes you don’t have to leave the city to go international.


In the blink of an eye, I was in DC. The days started to run together because of how fast life was moving. I went to DC where I met with the beautiful Chelley Roy and appeared on her show, The Chelley Roy Show. Doing that show was. I shared my journey from becoming a hairstylist to a boutique owner to an image consultant. Sometimes, it’s good to remember where you started so you can see how far God has brought you.


And then, I was in Toronto. If you know my citizenship chronicles (read about them HERE), you know this was a joy for me to be able to go to Canada to see my mother for her birthday!

Toronto did not disappoint. I picked up my mother and dressed her in Quintessential. It is my goal to make my mother feel beautiful and loved as much as I can. My brother and I took her to Myth where we enjoyed both the ambiance, experience, and the food – together.

And now, we’re in May and the boutique is open, my faith is growing stronger, and these new doors are opening for me. These May flowers are epic. I’m excited for what God will do next!

PS…Did I mention the boutique is OPEN?! Stay tuned for GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION.

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