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After twenty-five years, in the beauty industry serving as a professional hairstylist and hair educator, Peta-Gaye McCalla has finally found true fulfillment in enjoying her craft. The realization that her own happiness was often right in front of her has allowed her to live life peacefully, see her vision come to life and trust God through every process. Hence, she is now ready to share with the world.

In her new book Journey: My Life behind the Chair’ examines the experiences of Peta-Gaye McCalla. She shares unique and complex stories demonstrating how a woman can succeed in America under exceptionally difficult circumstances; through drive, grit, intelligence, compassion and faith. McCalla offers advice that will inspire other success seekers to follow in her footsteps. 

PWH: At what age did you and your siblings join your mother in the U.S.? How was that transition?

PM: I was twelve years old going on thirteen when my mother came back to get me from Jamaica.
My brother was nine years old. The transition was rough for us because we were outsiders. We
dressed differently and had accents. But we were able to quickly learn and adapt to the
American way and grow up.

PWH: How many years did you work as a shampoo assistant before going to beauty school?
What did you take away from that experience that has stuck with you throughout the

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